The Promise of Possibility

Each new day brings with it three promises.
That you will experience some anger, pain, misery, disappointment.
That you will, in some way, find moments of happiness, satisfaction and contentment.
That you will learn things, if your eyes and ears and mind are open.
That you will have the opportunity of doing acts of kindness, however small, and whether few or many, to those you encounter through the day.
Which of these elements will dominate the day will always vary, and be difficult to control, due to the unending variety of the tapestry of life. The one most emphatically under your control, is the ability to be kind, helpful, supportive. That is the one always within reach, the one which, to a far greater extent, you can go out, find, cultivate and promote.
If you wish to do so.

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'It is better to
light a brief candle than to curse
the darkness'

Eleanor Roosevelt

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