The New Day… Wake Up Happy!

wake up happy

Go back to the moment, earlier today, when you woke up, after a night’s rest.
Unless they have overslept, most people do not, on regaining awareness, immediately leapt up and start with the morning’s activities. They lie still. The time period varies from person to person and could be a matter of seconds, minutes, perhaps even a half hour. Perhaps they are not fully awake. Perhaps they are.
Those few moments should be of central importance to the forthcoming day. Whatever journey your mind takes, at that point in time, will influence and probably decide the mood in which you get up, the mood in which you go through the first hour or two of the day. And the first hour will affect the second, which will help shape the third, which will influence the fourth.
So the question is – what went through your mind, in those early morning minutes, while outside and around you the world was waking up to the new day.
Was it fear? Are there things going to happen later in the day, which you prefer to keep away from, and did they come galloping up to you as lightly scenarios of everything that could go wrong?
Was it regret? Did you spend earlier this morning, replaying in your mind, events of the previous day, and wishing that they had been different?
Was it hope? Love? Greed? Anger?
It could have been any of these. It could, each day, be any one of these or dozens of other thought trains and states of emotion.
What is important is that you, lying in a darkened room with silence all around you, have the ability to influence that on which your mind dwells, at that point in time. There are no external pressures and inferences. No phone calls and conversation and emails and conversations. It’s just you, and the day ahead.
What goes through your mind? You decide.
Personally speaking, the best way to spend the first minutes of the day, the state of mind which most reliably ensures that the next fifteen or sixteen hours are satisfying and wonderful, is to focus on gratitude. Spend the start of the new dawn focusing on gratitude; on all the things which surround you, and forge you have reason to be grateful. There are many. Health. Family and children. Friends. The roof over your head. The fact that you will have at least two, probably three, meals during the day, and that you are not amongst the millions who will spend the day in a state of starvation. The job you do, and the income you derive from it. The many possessions which you are privileged to own – your car, wardrobe, rose garden, books, music, and computer. Your investments. Your toy and hobby stuff.
Above all, your life. Never forget how unique and precious it is.
Enjoy the day.

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