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Launch of Light a Brief Candle a Heart-Warming Success

It’s been a significant and exciting week. The launch of the book Light a Brief Candle, held seven days ago, attracted over 100 people – an impressive turnout for a Monday evening. Several had travelled from Cape Town’s outlying suburbs …

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A Loaf Of Bread …A Drop In The Ocean.

Outside the supermarket where I’d stopped to buy bread, a young man somewhere in his twenties stepped up to me, asking for loose change.  He wore recently-washed jeans, and the beginnings of a beard, and his eyes were swollen and …

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67 Minutes and a Lifetime for Mandela Day

18th July is Mandela Day . To commemorate the 93rd birthday of our great leader he has asked that we donate 67 minutes of our time to doing good, to mark the 67 years Mandela spent serving South Africa. The …

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SA School Projects – The Chaeli Campaign

My first hero, or more accurately group of heroines are Chaeli Mycroft, her sister Erin and her friends Justine, Tarryn and Chelsea Terry.  Chaeli is thirteen years old.  At eleven months, she was diagnosed as being cerebral palsied.  Shortly after …

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The Corporate Social Investment Explosion

The realisation of this simple fact – that by helping my neighbour, I’m helping myself – also lies at the root of the corporate social investment explosion which has swept through the business world these last 10 years.

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The Quest for Self Improvement

The $80 000 per month executive wants his salary raised to 85K; that the driver of the Lamborghini starts to find small faults with his vehicle, and begins to eye the newest model Mazzerati with increasing desire; that the stock exchange player who has just sold his Intel shares at an impressive profit, is hoping to make a killing this week with his General Electric shares. No mansion is big enough when this restlessness takes hold, and a walk-in wardrobe containing thirty suits, four score and three shirts and a hundred neck ties is not yet good enough.

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'It is better to
light a brief candle than to curse
the darkness'

Eleanor Roosevelt

The book Light a Brief Candle is now available to order online...

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