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Seeds Which Won’t Survive Without Our Nurture

At the beginning of September, with the approaching spring, I planted a packet of hollycocks in a seedling tray.  They are tall, beautiful plants, especially when they burst into flower in mid-summer.  I had already earmarked the flowerbed which would …

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A Loaf Of Bread …A Drop In The Ocean.

Outside the supermarket where I’d stopped to buy bread, a young man somewhere in his twenties stepped up to me, asking for loose change.  He wore recently-washed jeans, and the beginnings of a beard, and his eyes were swollen and …

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67 Minutes and a Lifetime for Mandela Day

18th July is Mandela Day . To commemorate the 93rd birthday of our great leader he has asked that we donate 67 minutes of our time to doing good, to mark the 67 years Mandela spent serving South Africa. The …

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Every Action Results in a Reaction

Human life reflects the Newtonian principle that every action results in an equal and opposite reaction. When you give, you will receive. Every person, in every age, who has applied this has found it to be true.

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'It is better to
light a brief candle than to curse
the darkness'

Eleanor Roosevelt

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