The accelerated life we lead causes us to overlook and often forget the ancient mystery of giving.  This website is devoted to analysing how each of us can contribute towards society, and enrich our lives in the process.

There are two pillars on which the mystery of giving rests.  Firstly, an act of giving, focuses us on the universal truth that we on earth are all family of each other, and each one of us can contribute towards fixing this world which we’ve all broken and ravaged.

Secondly, any act of giving necessarily involves acknowledging the worth of the recipients – that they are worthy of whatever asset we’re donating to them. 

This website will carry the stories of various community upliftment projects, initiated by a person or group of people who believed that they could offer something to uplift and unburden their fellow human beings.  Each project started as a small mustard seed of an idea, and has grown to something powerful and exciting. These stories will illustrate the secret of giving, and inspire you.

The website also features brief practical suggestions, on ways you can involve yourself in your community.  There will also be website postings in which the ancient truths and wisdoms which underlie the secret of giving are explored, as well as excerpts from my new book “Light a Brief Candle” – a book which deals, in greater detail, with how each of us can contribute towards repairing the world around us and why that process leads to self-fulfilment and happiness.

This website does not belong to a specific organisation or religion.  Its sole purpose is to draw attention to the secret of giving, and to generate support for the community upliftment programmes which are discussed in the pages of the website.


15 August 2011

'It is better to
light a brief candle than to curse
the darkness'

Eleanor Roosevelt

The book Light a Brief Candle is now available to order online...

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