The Crucial Ommission in the Self-Help Book ‘The Secret’

Rhonda Byrne Self Help Book

Rhonda Byrne’s self help book  The Secret, and the DVD that accompanies it, has sold many thousands of copies, and generated a great deal of publicity over the past few years.  Deservedly so.  The Secret encapsulates and conveys many valuable lessons about the law of attraction and the power of visualisation and is the most successful self-help book of our time .  Its one drawback, however, is its emphasis on the question, “what do I really want?”.  It encourages us to pose that question continuously, persistently, powerfully, and to use it as a basis for visualisation and attracting into our lives the cars, homes, money and other goodies which resonate with us.  “What do I really want”?  That, according to The Secret, should be the theme of our lives.  This is only partially true.  Yes, the law of attraction is a potent and omnipresent reality.  Yes, positive visualisation can help us to get those things which we desire. But the question, “what do I really want?”, has to be balanced by another, equally important question – “what can I give?”.  That is the other half of the secret of the universe. What can I give – to my family, the school down the road, the neighbourhood skills centre, the job creation programme I read about in last week’s paper.  What can I give of my time, knowledge, wisdom, money?  What can I give to make this small corner of the plant in which I live and move a place more brightly lit?

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