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There is a critical shortage of after school facilities in the townships of South Africa. Township children spend their time on the streets, ruled by the gangs and drug dealers, or at homes frequently dominated by alcoholism, domestic violence and …

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The New Day… Wake Up Happy!

Go back to the moment, earlier today, when you woke up, after a night’s rest. Unless they have overslept, most people do not, on regaining awareness, immediately leapt up and start with the morning’s activities. They lie still. The time …

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Travelling Thought Nextyearland (on Ships That Never Arrive!)

We spent too much valuable time travelling through Nextyearland. Nextyearland is that frame of mind in which we promise ourselves a better, brighter, more fulfilling life if only some or other occurrence we’re always dreaming about takes place. When, next …

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When One Become Many

Facebook was launched on Wednesday, 4 February 2004, designed to enable Harvard University students to connect with campus friends and events. By Sunday – 4 days later – 650 students had registered. Three hundred more joined that Monday. After one …

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Linda and Peter Biehl… A Story of Forgiveness

Here is a story about the power of forgiveness, and the ability of the human spirit to turn despair and defeat into triumph. Amy Biehl was a researcher at Stanford University. In October 1992 she was granted a scholarship to …

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A Teabag Economy at T-Bag Designs, Cape Town

  Normally, a used teabag has no value. Its only destination is to be deposited in a bin, and carted away to the municipal rubbish dump. How, then, is it possible that a used teabag can create jobs, teach people …

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Children’s Peace Prize Awarded to Chaeli Mycroft

The 2011 International Children’s Peace Prize has been awarded to Chaeli Mycroft, inspirational icon behind the Chaeli Campaign.  The Peace Prize, an award initiative run by the Dutch organisation, KidsRights, was awarded by Nobel Peace Laureate Mairead Maguire at a …

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Launch of Light a Brief Candle a Heart-Warming Success

It’s been a significant and exciting week. The launch of the book Light a Brief Candle, held seven days ago, attracted over 100 people – an impressive turnout for a Monday evening. Several had travelled from Cape Town’s outlying suburbs …

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Population Crisis as World Reaches 7 Billion People

Any discussion about our future survival inevitably brings us to the population crisis, and the deeply divisive questions which it raises.  We see, in nature, that whenever a particular species of plant or animal proliferates without having its numbers curbed …

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Please Come To Our Launch Event! Light a Brief Candle is a new book by Capetonian, André Oosthuizen, part real-life story-telling, part psychology, very much self-inspiring, which celebrates ordinary people doing extraordinary things. The book isn’t religious, nor does it …

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'It is better to
light a brief candle than to curse
the darkness'

Eleanor Roosevelt

The book Light a Brief Candle is now available to order online...

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