Launch of Light a Brief Candle a Heart-Warming Success

Andre Oosthuizen at Light a Brief Candle Book LaunchIt’s been a significant and exciting week. The launch of the book Light a Brief Candle, held seven days ago, attracted over 100 people – an impressive turnout for a Monday evening. Several had travelled from Cape Town’s outlying suburbs and satellite towns. The atmosphere they generated was one of high energy, friendship, enthusiasm.

They listened to, and applauded, brief presentations by 11 of the projects featured in Light a Brief Candle, presentations in which project co-ordinators described their wonderful work and the difference they are making to their communities. It was a special honour to have Linda Biehl, mother of the late Amy Biehl and one of the inspirational figures behind the Amy Biehl Foundation, in attendance. The presentations were followed by a brief introduction to the book, which was then set free on its journey. In the latter part of the evening, there was much activity around the sales table, and sales figures for the evening were impressive. To see more pictures from and thoughts from the evening. please ‘Like’ our Facebook page.

Sincere thanks and appreciation to all those who joined us for the evening.

A week which starts in this fashion can only get better, and it did. The Bay Book Shop  has offered to carry stocks of the book and donate the full proceeds, to the Trust which has been set up with various of the projects as its beneficiaries. A huge thank you is owed to them, for this magnificent gesture. A book signing feature at The Bay Bookshop outlet situated in the French Quarter, in central Cape Town, is planned for 14 December.

We are also currently working at two radio interviews, two further book signing functions in the southern suburbs, and on having a book display table at several forthcoming community events. Keep up to date with upcoming events on Facebook or Twitter.

The future looks promising!

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'It is better to
light a brief candle than to curse
the darkness'

Eleanor Roosevelt

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